‘Thank you for your publication’
       I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your publication! I think you're doing a wonderful job, and I really appreciate the in-depth articles you include about issues such as the Gold Camp Road. I love “Meet a Westsider”!
       I've lived at my present address for just over 20 years now and am ashamed to say that I've been fairly unaware of a lot of the local happenings. When I began working in Old Colorado City three years ago, I became a little more “hip” to some of the “goings-on,” but now your paper is helping me in this regard all the more.
       I was very touched by the mention of the historical mural designed and painted by Kathy Barnes. Kathy was a personal friend of mine, and I was by her bed when she died. A very gifted and special lady.
       I am sending a check for a year's subscription. Keep up the good work and best wishes for a very successful future.

Michelle Godec

Acknowledging donations
       The Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) would like to offer a special thanks to the sponsors of the OWN Picnic June 27: Safeway in Red Rock Center, Wal-Mart on South Eighth Street, King Soopers in Uintah Gardens, Front Range Barbeque on Colorado Avenue, Blackjack Pizza at 19th and Uintah and Papa John's Pizza in Uintah Gardens.
        Please share our appreciation for these sponsors by supporting their establishments.

Rose Kliewer,
OWN Board Member

Manitou Library sale successful
       The June 12 Friends of the Manitou Springs Library Lawn Sale was a rousing success. Proceeds from the event, more than double last year's, will provide matching funds for grant applications to restore the building.
        Thanks to Jean Gabardi, Joan O'Neill, Laura Ettinger, Judy Edman, Mike and Kathy Francis and Lucinda Pebley, who worked tirelessly to make the sale a success. A very special thanks to Barbara Parsons for her year long organizing and solicitation efforts, without which the event never would have happened.

Diane Fabeck