EDITORíS DESK: That summery sheen

       This is a good time of the year to take pictures. The sun's warm light in early summer puts a special kind of sheen on things. You can see it even if you're shooting with a cell-phone camera.
       It's also a plus, at least in the newspaper business, to have subjects worth shooting. And there tends to be more of that in the good old summertime. It makes me shiver, all over again, to think back on photo expeditions in the recent winter months, when the only people to be seen were those hurrying from one place to the next, and the sun was low and the trees were bare and everything not covered by snow seemed to have the same bland color of brown.
       Sometimes lively photos take more than waiting on the seasons. One of our brighter shots this issue reflects not just a summery subject matter (flowers), but a volunteer quest to bring more color to Old Colorado City. For that, here's a Westside "W" sign to volunteers with Old Colorado City's Historic District Merchants and the Security and Maintenance District, who got tired of viewing neglected and/or empty barrels outside businesses, then convinced the city to scrounge a few from its nursery. With the sod that's being laid out there too, we can put Old Colorado City up there, in terms of style and tourism attractability, with some of those distant places we often hear about, such as downtown.
       More bright colors for our summer season were provided by the scores of motorcycle riders in the Silver Key Run. Dressed in their coolest riding gear, their rides glittering in the sun, they cut a fine picture as they roared up to the nonprofit's offices on Bott Avenue, undoubtedly enjoying the contrast between looking super-bad (at least in some cases) and actually behaving super-good.
       Alas, here at the Westside Pioneer, our color quotient is no more or less than it ever was - four pages available for that purpose each issue. But rest assured that we squeeze as much in there as we possibly can. Especially now that it's summer.

- K.J.