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Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site 'Family Fourth' July 4 - photos

During the Family Fourth at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site July 4, an enthusiastic sack racer jumps past in the foreground on the grass in front of the Orchard House (out of the picture, at right). In the background, under a large tent, the Pikes Peak Brass Band performs for ranch attendees sitting under the trees beyond.
Scenes from the Rock Ledge Ranch Family Fourth... LEFT: Matt Ogren, a ranch volunteer, demonstrates the old-fashioned way to make a straw broom. ABOVE: George Washington (Dave Wallace) leads American Revolutionary War soldier reenactors followed by Abe Lincoln (Mike Houston).
A reenactment of the Second Connecticut Regiment of Militia Revolutionary War encampment draws visitors during the Rock Ledge Ranch Family Fourth.
Colorado Springs founder General William Palmer (Dave Harmon) introduces reenactors of famous American presidents as part of the Family Fourth at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site. From left are George Washington (Dave Wallace), Abe Lincoln (Mike Houston) and Theodore Roosevelt (Don Moon). A short time later, rain came down, but the presidents went ahead with their speeches (including Lincoln's Gettysburgh Address) and nearly all the crowd sitting on the grass under the trees in front of them stayed too.
ABOVE: Area musician and historical writer Mark Gardner provides percussion accompaniment for his son Vance as they perform in the Rock Ledge Ranch barn, where children's games were also set up for the Family Fourth. RIGHT: Youngsters try to figure out how to hit a croquet ball with a mallet on the grass in front of the Orchard House.

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(Posted 7/4/15; Outdoors: Rock Ledge Ranch)

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