Work starts on Villas at Mesa Park lots

       Construction recently started on the Villas at Mesa Park subdivision.
       Located east of Mesa Road at 19th Street, Villas will consist of 11 home lots on 4.1 acres of a 10.1-acre property. Owner/developer Walt Hieronymus has donated the other 6 acres, which have more rugged terrain, to adjacent Sondermann Park.
       The project is having some initial off-site traffic impacts. A crew has been boring through the middle of 19th Street to connect the subdivision with an 8-inch sewer line that goes halfway up the street.
       The developer also plans to connect the sewer to a neighboring church. “We've had problems with septics up there,” said Hieronymus, who lives on Mesa Road, next to both the church and his subdivision.
       In all, about 75 addresses are on septic there because no sewer line has been available. “It's good for the whole area,” he said. “There may be others who want to tie into it.”
       Another traffic impact is likely to come from the subdivision connecting to an 18-inch water line, he said.
       Approved by City Council last year, Villas at Mesa Park will be a gated community. Access will be on a new private street (named Mesa Park View) that will line up with 19th Street. A stop light is already at that intersection; Hieronymous will add a signal facing Mesa Park View.
       He estimated three months to prepare the property for houses. “I'll be selling the lots,” he said. “I'm not in the construction business. Some builders are interested and some individuals.”
       The basic building style, according to his plans, are a “combination of cottage and timber style.”
       About a year ago, Hieronymous had said he planned to live on one of his lots. Now, because of some out-of-state commitments, he's less certain about that but believes there is still “a good possibility.”

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