Bock house fundraising
By Don Ellis and Karlee Thompson

       With its ponds, meadow, and rock formations, the area around the former Bock residence in Red Rock Canyon has a special appeal for many people. So, it has become a popular place to meet, rest, watch wildlife, or enjoy lunch.
       After the city of Colorado Springs purchased Red Rock Canyon, some people envisioned the possibility of converting this unique Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house into a nature center or other public facility. However, it became apparent that the cost of maintaining and staffing “another Starsmore” made this impractical. Thus, plans have developed for converting the house into an open-air pavilion which will preserve the distinctive architectural features of the house by preserving the west wall and fireplace along with portions of other walls, while opening up the east wall and replacing the existing roof with a shelter roof.
       The pavilion is envisioned to become not only a shelter and gathering place but also an open-air classroom and a source of interpretive and trail information. This will give the city and Friends of Red Rock Canyon a focus for directing public interest and gifts to support the interpretive project which is now being planned.
       A generous and committed supporter and board member of Friends of Red Rock Canyon has offered a $50,000 challenge grant toward the pavilion project if Friends of Red Rock Canyon can raise at least an additional $50,000. With the estimated project cost escalating to just over $200,000, Friends of Red Rock Canyon is seeking to bring $65,000 to the project, including $5,000 which Friends of Red Rock Canyon itself has committed to contribute. The remainder, approximately $85,000, will come from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services.
       Because the project is contingent on Friends of Red Rock Canyon's success in obtaining major commitments for funding, the organization is focusing its fundraising efforts on possible major donors and private foundations. Friends of Red Rock Canyon sees the pavilion as a long-lasting asset to the community.

Thompson and Ellis are members of the board of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon.