Ceremony for weed-eating goats July 1

       The return of weed-eating goats to El Paso County's Bear Creek Regional Park will be marked with a welcoming ceremony Sunday, July 1.
       The event will coincide with the arrival of Lani Malmberg of Landers, Wyo., and her herd of 500 goats, which will be munching noxious weeds for the ensuing 10 days in a park area maintained by the Bear Creek Garden Association (BCGA).
       A Malmberg-led herding dog demonstration will be part of the program, which starts at at 1:30 p.m. at Bear Creek East - the area next to the BCGA's two-acre community garden southeast of 21st and Rio Grande streets. Also July 1, Malmberg will give a talk at 3 p.m. at the Bear Creek Nature Center, 245 Bear Creek Road, titled “Goat Grazing - An Alternative to Herbicides.”
       “It will be free, fun and educational for kids of all ages,” said Char Nymann, president of the BCGA. “Donations to the Goat Fund are welcome.”
       To get to Bear Creek East, turn south on Creek Crossing from Rio Grande just east of 21st Street.
       The goats, who have not been in Bear Creek since 2004, are being funded this year by a $10,000 private grant to the BCGA, along with smaller grants and donations from individuals and organizations. The plan is to bring the goats back next fall, Nymann said.
       In the years when the organization could not afford the goats, volunteers donated numerous hours pulling weeds out.

Westside Pioneer/press release