GoG Visitor Center movie still ‘Rocks’

       A new version of “How Did Those Red Rocks Get There?” premiered this week in the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center's theater.  A prehistoric fish swims in an ocean that once swirled where the Garden of the Gods stands during the new version of the  
Visitor Center movie, “How Did Those Red Rocks Get There?” Below the main screen is the supplemental periaktoi screen device.
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       At 13 minutes long, the movie is just a minute longer and tells the same basic story as the original film by the same name, but includes new interviews in remote Garden locations, helicopter photography, rarely seen historic Garden shots (including an Indian Shan Kive from 1913), updated prehistoric information (mainly the recent revelation that a dinosaur found in the Garden was one of a kind) and modern technology using BluRay high definition technology, theatrical lighting and a surround- sound audio system.
       “We're excited about it,” enthused center owner Lyda Hill, saying she believes the facility's theater is the first in the country to use the BlueRay high-def in this way.
       Another technical touch is the use of a supplemental film device, called a periaktoi, which rotates as needed to different views in front of the 23-foot theater screen. For example, when the main screen shows the 1909 dedication of Garden of the Gods as a free city park (a gift from the Perkins family), an audio reading of a family member's letter is embellished by the periaktoi's scrolling of the actual handwriting.
       The movie's introduction is striking. Viewers are urged: “Take it from me - don't scramble on the rocks. It's dangerous.” The speaker, alone on the screen, is wheelchair-bound Westside resident Jeremy Lanosga, whose disability resulted from just such a mishap at the Garden five years ago.
       The movie is shown every 20 minutes in the summer. The cost to view it is $5 for adults (discounts for others). The price for the old movie was $2 for adults. Bonnie Frum, the center's manager, said the increase is justified by the new film's improved quality and scope. Also, she noted a phenomenon that people tend to put greater value on goods when they are priced higher. For example, when the center increased its bus-tour fee in recent years, the ridership went up, she said.
       The original “How Did Those Red Rocks Get There?” (which also used the periaktoi) dates back to the May 1995 opening of the Visitor Center at 1805 N. 30th St. The center made the film then (on a lower budget) in response to the most common question people asked (and still do) when they visit the park, Hill said.
       The producer of the new film was Bourbon Street HD Productions, a local company. Producer John Bourbonais has served as a digital image technician for several movie studios, including Disney, MGM and 20th Century Fox.

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