‘Showdown‘ debuts in Old Colorado City July 25-26

       A new event featuring chili and barbecue competitions will be July 25-26 in Old Colorado City.

The “Old Town Showdown” logo was created by Old Colorado City merchant Pat White.
Courtesy of Bob O'Brien

       Called the “Old Town Showdown,” the daytime festivity is planned for three main locations - the public parking lot in the 2600 block (barbecue), the Old Town Plaza at 25th Street and Colorado Avenue (beer garden) and Bancroft Park (chili). People will be able to sample the cooked food and then vote for their favorites.
       “It will be a fun event where food is the theme,” said Bob O'Brien, who is organizing the event through the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group. He added that a future hope is to have a team competition sanctioned by the prestigious Kansas City Barbecue Society, but the space requirements would require closing off the avenue. First, the merchants want to make sure the event will work on a smaller scale.
       “We'll stick our toe in the water and see how it goes,” O'Brien said.
       An eager participant will be Barbecue Mercantile, a barbecue specialty shop in Old Colorado City, which will be a major sponsor of the event.
       “It's always been a desire of ours to have a barbecue contest, but we were so busy we didn't have time to organize it,” said co-owner Ed Bousquet. “Bob came up with the idea for a chili cook-off, a barbecue competition and brewfest all rolled into one.”
       Competitors, sponsors and vendors are still being sought for the Showdown. For more information, call O'Brien at 265-5667 or e-mail info@shopoldcoloradocity.com.

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