2nd tenant for Roundhouse

       A second tenant has leased space for the recently completed Roundhouse commercial center at 21st Street and Highway 24.
       Pro Cycling, currently at 4585 N. Chestnut Street (off Garden of the Gods Road), will use 3,700 square feet next to Carmichael Training Systems (CTS), according to Steve Engel of property developer Griffis/Blessing.
       The space will be framed to ProCycling's specifications, with the business planning to take occupancy in October.
       “We're excited about the prospects,” said Bruce McGrew, owner of ProCycling. He had talked to CTS owner Chris Carmichael about the possibility of being neighbors at the Roundhouse several months ago. “We have a very similar client base and share a lot of customers,” McGrew said.
       Also appealing is the location, near open-space areas such as Red Rock Canyon, Bear Creek Park and Garden of the Gods, which will make the site “a logical gathering point to start and finish rides,” he said. “It will be cool to meet there and go do group rides. Now [at the current ProCycling address], we're a little off the beaten path.”
       McGrew recalled that when he first considered the possibility, it was before the Roundhouse redevelopment project started last December, and he wasn't sure how it would turn out, with the former train engine repair facility being more than 120 years old. But now that the work is done, he described it as a “knockout” job. “It's cool to see it, instead of crumbling away, be revitalized and keep that historical connection,” he said.
       Ironically, McGrew noted that he also owns United Railroad Materials, which is a contractor for the Burlington Northern railroad.
       During a phone interview, Engel also talked about the overall project. Although the redevelopment cost of $2.5 million included a few construction surprises (such as old train rails imbedded in deep concrete, forcing utility relocations), the results “exceeded my expectations,” he said, and “should last another 125 years.” He added a future hope of erecting a historical marker of some kind to recall the railroading history between 1887 and 1949.
       With the addition of ProCycling, between 9,500 and 14,000 square feet (depending on whether potential mezzanine space is used) still remain unleased in the one- story, 30,000-square-foot building. This space has been left open to allow customization by future tenants. With two fitness-related operations in the Roundhouse already, a “health and fitness” theme would be welcome, but Griffis/Blessing is open to talks with any interested businesses, Engel said.
       Also available are two freestanding “pads” (each of which could house 5,000 square feet) outside the main building. These are not going to be built until the market is right or there is an immediate interest, he said.
       Griffis/Blessing has a lease-purchase agreement for the property with Van Briggle Pottery, which still owns the 3.1-acre parcel but has relocated its business to South Tejon Street.

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