EDITOR’S DESK: New ideas in Old Town

       It's fun to see the Old Colorado City merchants coming up with yet another new event for our festive senses. The “Old Town Showdown” has a vital, historically exciting ring to it... even if the only “showdown” July 25-26 will probably involve determining whose chili is more spontaneously combustible.
       At any rate, after a few years of refining existing events (such as Territory Days, Giant Pumpkins, the Car Show and Christmas in Old Colorado City), the merchants have been putting some visionary hats on this past year. The ice-carving event last winter was a rousing success, and "Showdown" would seem to have the same potential. It will be interesting to see how the first attempt goes, and if the merchants go forward - as it appears they are ready to do - with a second event (like Territory Days) that closes Colorado Avenue for multiple days.
       What might be disappointing to some Westsiders is to learn that the merchants' organization - the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) - doesn't really organize such events with us neighbors in mind. The OCCA is trying to broaden the customer base, to attract shoppers from farther away, to get them to drive over here on a regular basis. If nothing else, such "furriners" have shown a willingness to show up for special events, and I suppose part of the thinking is that if you have enough of those events people will get the idea there's always something special over here. That's not as much of a stretch as it once might have been. Almost all the Old Town shops survived a rough winter (even giving proceeds to charity in one promotion), and, as seen in the ArtWalks, there's a growing, creative strength. Fun for outsiders, even better for Westsiders (whether intended or not), because it's right in our back yard.

- K.J.