Miller takes over reins at Penrose Equestrian

       New Penrose Equestrian Center Manager Bill Miller is a former rancher and manager of the smaller Latigo Trails Equestrian Center in Falcon.
       In a recent interview, he said he is looking forward to the challenge of making Penrose self-sufficient - the annual $158,000 county subsidy is being eliminated after this year.
       “Absolutely,” he said, when asked if he's already started working on the issue. “We've had several staff meetings on it. We're figuring ways to cut expenses and find ways to generate more revenues… We have several plans in the works that we'll announce as soon as we can.”
       Born and raised in Nebraska, Miller graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1976. After moving to Colorado in 1982, he ranched for 10 years in Lincoln County, then moved into land-developing, focusing on single-family homes. The business, Latigo Trails LLC, is still in operation, run by his partners, and he retains a financial interest in it.
        Before starting at Penrose in May, Miller managed Latigo Trails Equestrian Center, a 45-acre facility, from 2000 to 2002.
       He said he's enjoying the opportunities inherent in managing the Penrose Equestrian Center, a larger operation which includes an indoor arena and outdoor stadium on 156 acres off West Rio Grande Street between 8th and 21st streets.
        “This is a jewel within the city,” he said.
       The all-day Highland Games and Celtic Festival, coming up Saturday, June 26, is Miller's biggest event since coming on board - it will use both the indoor and outdoor arenas as well as other Equestrian Center facilities - and he's hopeful it can become an annual event.
       “We're very excited about it being here,” he said.
       He and his wife, Maureen, have two sons, Spencer (a Calhan High graduate who is starting at CSU in the fall) and Stuart (who will be a sophomore at Calhan High).
       Bill Walters, the previous Penrose Equestrian Center manager, had held the position on an interim basis since 2002. A retired banker and former member of the El Paso County Parks Board, Walters had agreed to serve until a permanent manager could be hired.
       The equestrian operation has existed at the site since 1973, when an agreement was reached allowing the Broadmoor to move Penrose Stadium - built by Spencer Penrose in 1939 - from its original site south of Lake Broadmoor.

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