EDITORíS DESK: Definitely a historical road

       A fair amount of ink this issue is devoted to Gold Camp Road, mainly whether to reopen an 8 1/2-mile segment to cars. It's an interesting debate, although at first glance the subject matter seems a bit distant from the Westside. Well, yes and no. The segment itself is up in the foothills, but to access it most vehicles must first pass through the Westside.
       I'm looking forward to the public meeting July 7, especially to see what options the U.S. Forest Service will present. The trick will be to come up with some clever compromise that pacifies the opposing views. What that would be, I don't know. But I do know it's a true driving adventure just getting to the parking lot where the closed segment begins. Driving that seven-or-so-mile part of Gold Camp Road last week, I was grateful for the courtesy of other drivers on its many one-lane sections; at the same time, I wondered what would happen if a driver or two weren't so courteous. This led me to wonder if one compromise might include making that part one-way. No more backing up to make room. Probably less impact on the hikers/bikers/trikers. In any case, it would seem appropriate for the Forest Service to factor in whether people can safely access the 8 1/2-mile segment in question.

- K.J.