2 city officials apologize to Pioneer for deadline oversight

       The Westside Pioneer accepted apologies this week from recently appointed Chief of Staff Steve Cox and city communications specialist Mary Scott. They stemmed from Cox's decision Wednesday night, June 15 to halt - at least for the time being - city staff plans to place sharrows on Colorado Avenue through the Westside (see story, Page 1).
       Both apologized for not letting the Pioneer know about Cox's decision before going to press with its June 16 issue. As it happened, the Pioneer, acting on a city press release announcing the West Colorado Avenue plan June 9 and an interview with the city traffic engineer the afternoon of June 15, had run a Page 1 story in its June 16 issue with the headline: “It's official: Sharrows coming to Colorado Avenue.”
       “We owe you an apology,” Scott said.
       Cox, who has been in his post less than a month, described the city situation as a “busy time with a new government, with people trying to figure out what their roles are.”
       “I'm sorry you got caught up in this,” he told the Pioneer.

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