City has flowers again – Genny Garden returns

       The Genny Garden is back at Thorndale Park.
       After a tight budget year in which the city could grow no flowers for its Springs in Bloom program volunteers, funding was restored this year, allowing Westsiders Mark and Karen Sucharski to readopt the 396-square-foot flowerbed at the park's southeast corner (23rd and Uintah).

Using water donated by park neighbor Russ Finsterwald (note hose across 23rd Street), Mark Sucharski sprays sustenance onto the Genny Garden last week.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The plot is named for Genny Sucharski, Mark and Karen's daughter, who died in a car accident 11 years ago after her freshman year in college. The city sign behind it says “Adopted by Family and Friends of Genny.”
       They have tended the garden since 2004 (the first year of Springs in Bloom). In the years before that, the city had planted flowers each summer in parks and on street medians, but as part of an '04 funding cutback such amenities were left to volunteers.
       Karen said she plans a starburst pattern this year, with flower types including geraniums and petunias.
       Other than a few annoying geranium thefts since the flowers went in a few weeks ago, Karen said the community has supported the garden effort. Park neighbor Russ Finsterwald has donated water, as needed, and people driving by when the adopters are working “have been so sweet. They honk and stop.”

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