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Fireworks legal in El Paso County (but not in city); Sheriff's Office defines rules

A legal firework sets off a shower of colorful sparks outside city limits in El Paso County.
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       With Independence Day coming up July 4 and certain types of fireworks legal in El Paso County - but none inside Colorado Springs city limits - the County Sheriff's Office has released information specifying what's “permissible.”
       “A good rule of thumb to remember is if a firework flies through the air, explodes or shoots flaming balls, it is illegal,” a press release states.
       The same kinds of requirements apply to fireworks stands, meaning they would be breaking the law if they sold any unlawful items.
       In past years, a common area for stands on the Westside (outside city limits) is along the south side of West Colorado Avenue in the area of Ridge Road.
       The Sheriff's press release adds the stipulation that any kinds of fireworks could be banned on short notice if county officials believe the fire danger is high enough. This was the case in 2012 and 2013 because of the Waldo Canyon Fire and Black Forest Fire, respectively.
       Under the current status, permissible fireworks in the county include:
       • Fountains.
       • Ground spinners.
       • Smoke bombs.
       • Sparklers.
       • Small cars/tanks with pyrotechnics.
       • Snaps (small paper wads that are thrown on the ground).
       • Champagne poppers (when string is pulled, colored paper is launched).
       • Pull-string poppers (small 2” paper tube with a string from each end.
       Unlawful fireworks include:
       • Bottle rockets.
       • Firecrackers of any type.
       • Mortars.
       • Roman candles.
       In addition to Colorado Springs, fireworks are not allowed in Monument, Fountain and Manitou Springs, the Sheriff's Office press release adds.
       The county position is that “fireworks are traditionally a major part of our Independence Day celebrations,” the release notes. However, it goes on to urge people to use fireworks cautiously to avoid sustaining injury or starting a fire.

Westside Pioneer/press release
(Posted 6/24/15; Outdoors: General)

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