ODES TO THE CODES: Rules on storing RVs

By Mary Jane Lujan

       Recreational Vehicles definition: A transient living quarters which can be towed, hauled or driven and is designed for camping or travel use and including but no limited to travel trailers, camper trailers, motor homes, pickup campers. Water craft or snowmobiles (summarized from Colorado Springs Code 9.6.504 E part 3,4,5).
       At this time of year we all see a lot of recreational vehicles on the street.
       The City Code says: “A recreational vehicle (RV) may only be stored on a driveway surface in the front yard of the property if the side or rear yard is insufficient to accommodate the vehicle, the steepness of the terrain prevents access to side or rear yard, or the existing landscape prevents access to the side or rear yard for storage. In the front the RV must be stored 10 feet back from the inside edge of the sidewalk or pedestrian way which is near the front line of the property. If there is NO front sidewalk the RV must be 10 feet away from the curb nearest the front line of the property.”
       Recreational vehicles cannot be stored in the public rights of ways (i.e., public streets, between sidewalk and curb; and alleys). Recreational vehicles can only be parked in the street when actively loading and unloading. If code enforcement comes upon an RV or has a called-in complaint on an RV in the public right of way, a “warning” sticker may be put on it, giving the owner 24 hours to remove it. If not removed, the first parking ticket is $70. If still not removed after another 24 hours, a second ticket can be issued for $90. This can go on to a third ticket ($120), and if there's a fourth, that's a mandatory court appearance. FYI: A warning sticker and/or a parking ticket can be issued at any time.

Mary Jane Lujan is a city code enforcement officer. Call her with questions at 444-7873.