June 28 deadline for non-profits to request application forms

       Grant money from the William and Betty Osborne Trust Fund is available for 2006.
       To qualify, an organization must have non-profit status and provide services to the needy within the boundaries of the fund. These boundaries are west of I-25, north to the El Paso County line, south across part of the Broadmoor area and west into Teller County.
       Application forms can be obtained by sending in a request to The Advisory Trustees, William and Betty Osborne Trust Fund, P.O. Box 6085, Colorado Springs CO 80934.
       The deadline to request an application is Wednesday, June 28. Completed applications need to be submitted by July 31.
       The advisory trustees, consisting of past presidents of the Garden of the Gods Rotary Club, will review the applications and decide on the recipients and the amounts they will receive later in the year.

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