Jackson entertains in Bancroft Park with ‘Busker and Me’

       Area clown/comedian Jim Jackson entertained a small audience in the Bancroft Park bandshell June 17. Co-founder of the Manitou Art Theatre, the former circus performer gave an act geared for children that included juggling, balancing and humor that sometimes had the parents laughing more than the kids. For his climax, Jim Jackson comes up with an unusual way to don a vest, scarf and cane.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Most of the audience sat in the bandshell with Jackson, who performed an act called “Busker and Me” (about experiences with himself and a dog that were partially based on his circus background). At one point, noticing that other people had begun standing to watch below the bandshell stage, he began piling up items, balancing on top of them and explaining in his clown character that this would make him easier to see.
       The event was sponsored by the Pikes Peak Library District outside nearby Old Colorado City Branch Library as part of the district's summer programming.

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