EDITORíS DESK: A good place for the Games

       A Page 1 article this issue discusses the revival of the Highland Games in the Pikes Peak region. But revival would be just as welcome in the venue for the games - the Penrose Equestrian Center.
       If there's any major Westside facility that would seem to embody the pioneer spirit, it's got to be the Center. Why, the very ground it sits on contains tailings from Cripple Creek gold. Spencer Penrose built the stadium named after him. And how many thousands of cowboys and cowgirls have ridden into the arena over the years, to do battle with broncs or steers or just to ride with grace and skill?
       The Equestrian Center's problem is that with its county subsidy going away after this year, it will need some kind of boost to stay in busines - after all, in 30 years it has never made a profit. So it's kind of neat that the Center and the Scottish Society were able to strike a deal to bring back the Highland Games. May it mark an upturn for both entities.

- K.J.