D-11 board continuing to take bond-issue comments

       The District 11 Board of Education took public comments regarding a proposed capital improvements bond issue at meetings June 9 and June 16, and will do so again June 23.
       However, the board is not planning to vote on the issue until its first meeting in August, according to Chief Financial Officer Glenn Gustafson.
       “We want to get as much comment from the community as possible,” he said.
        The only meeting in July is Thursday, July 1, and that's just to approve retirements.
        The board is not scheduled to meet again until August. The bond election would be in November.
        The exact date of the August meeting is not certain yet. It could be Aug. 3 or 4, Gustafson said.
        The $128.8 million proposed bond issue would include improvements of some kind at every school in the district.
       Included would be $17.6 million at the 13 District 11 schools on the Westside. A long-range district study identified the needs.

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