No question now about it being a remodel – backhoe tears out old Jorge’s kitchen

       Jorge's Restaurant, 2427 W. Colorado Ave., has had a sign up for several weeks saying it's closed for remodeling, but not much seemed to be going on.
       That all changed this week, in a noisy, dramatic way, when a backhoe contractor began tearing down the one-story addition at the rear of the building. It had housed the kitchen - the same one used for many years when the restaurant was called Henri's.

A busy backhoe this week tore down the old one-story rear addition that housed the kitchen at Jorge's Restaurant in Old Colorado City, as part of a remodel that will eventually include a new structure (and kitchen) in the same spot. The view is from the alley, including a rare aspect through the building to Colorado Avenue.
Westside Pioneer photo

       A new addition will be built on the same spot, so from the outside it will look “just like it used to be,” said business owner Jorge Ayala.
       The interior improvements will include a new kitchen, bar and bathrooms, while a new façade will greet customers at the main entrance from the avenue, he said.
       No major changes are planned for the dining area and none at all for the upstairs apartment.
       Asked if he could predict a completion date, Ayala said that was difficult to do, although he's hopeful for the end of August. “It's an old building, so we've run into things with the foundation and everything,” he said.

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