COBWEB CORNERS: Answers to local-history quiz

By Mel McFarland

       Now how well do you know the area? My little quiz of only ten questions has raised a few more questions!
       1. Where is Adam's Crossing? General Adams lived between Colorado City and Manitou. Crossing in front of his place were the D&RG railroad, the road and Fountain Creek. It is on West Colorado Avenue, just before you enter Manitou, in front of the old Yucca Motel or Amanda's Fonda
       2. What were two uses of the building at 2902 W. Colorado? First it was the Colorado City City Hall, later the original Whittier School.
       3. The original purpose of the fire station across the street? A recreation hall for the Standard Mill.
       4. A hospital that was started by a railroad? St. Francis Hospital was first the Colorado Midland Hospital.
       5. What local industry had its own airport? Alexander Aircraft had Nichol's Field. Some of the hangers and the terminal are still standing on Fillmore!
       6. The statue that was in the center of the street at Nevada and Vermijo? W.S. Stratton. Where is it now? Stratton Home.
       7. Two coal mining towns that are now inside Colorado Springs? How about Pikeview, Papetown, or even Breed?
       8. The road called the "Ribbon of Death" in the 1940s and '50s? US 85-87 before it was 1-25 was well known for a long list of fatal accidents.
       9. A road that was built to be a railroad, but failed before it was constructed? Crystal Park Road was to be a railroad to the top of Pikes Peak.
       10. What local landmark once had a fence around it to keep people from getting close enough to take its picture? Balanced Rock!
       If you answered all of these, you are pretty good. A couple of the questions were there to make you wonder. If you did not have a clue, you need to learn more about our town!
       Want some of the others? The first restaurant in Colorado Springs? Across from Giuseppe's - the "Log Cabin." Where was the first school in Colorado Springs? Kiowa at Cascade. One of the first teachers? Queen Palmer, the General's wife. One of the biggest businesses in Manitou in the 1890s? Livery stables for burro's. Where was the area's amusement park? Stratton Park, out off Cheyenne Road! How about the Fair Grounds? Where K-Mart is on North Nevada!
       Was that fun? No? Oh, well.