Range Riders to trot through Westside June 21 on their way to the mountains

       The 58th annual Range Ride will make its way through part of the Westside en route to the mountains the morning of Wednesday, June 21.
       At 8 a.m., about 150 riders are scheduled to leave the annual Street Breakfast downtown and ride west on Colorado Avenue. Escorted by motorcycle police, they will pass under the I-25 bridge, turn left on Limit Street, cross Highway 24 and continue south on Eighth Street.
       Brad Bent, volunteer publicist for the Range Riders, said the highway crossing should be pretty routine, but in earlier days “there used to be railroad tracks there, and that's when you'd find out if your horse liked them or not.” What generally happened was that “half the horses would stop in the tracks and wouldn't move.” Finally, the horses that weren't spooked by the metal rails in the pavement would work their way to the front and the balky ones would fall in behind, Bent recalled.
       The Range Ride, which lasts five days in all, is a time-honored way to publicize the annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, which this year will be July 12-16 at the Norris-Penrose Event Center's recently refurbished Penrose Stadium.
       At Rio Grande Street, the riders will turn right and drop in on the center, perhaps grabbing a last can of soda pop before they guide their horses onto a nearby trail up through Bear Creek Park and around Pikes Peak. According to Bent, this will be the first year since 1998 that the Range Riders have gone this way - a traditional route for them in earlier years - and which will include their participation in the Cripple Creek Donkey Days Parade.

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