Biz buzz:
‘Glitters’ to host traveling Singer estate jewelry show

       For the second straight year, an estimated $1 million in estate jewelry will be transported to All That Glitters, 2518 W. Colorado Ave., for a one-day show and sale Thursday, June 22 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
       The Old Colorado City store has contracted with Stephen L. Singer Inc. of New York to bring in the pieces, which will include diamonds and high-karat gold and various gems from recent years back to the 1800s. As with last year's show, there could be items that belonged to celebrities - such as June Carter Cash or Terry Moore (wife of Howard Hughes). How-ever, there are no guarantees what specifically will be shown because parts of the Singer collection are traveling to various other stores around the country and pieces could be sold at any time, explained Carol Willis of All That Glitters.
       The term “estate jewelry” refers to high-quality items that were owned by individuals, some famous, some not.
       Values will vary from “modestly priced” (about $200) up to $60,000, Willis said. “It will be fun because it will be like a museum,” she said. “People will see what they wouldn't see outside.” And, if they buy something, “they can take home a piece of history. How often can you do that?”
       The closing of Rita's Fajitas's, 221 S. Eighth St., was a recent surprise. The privately owned, 400-seat concept restaurant had opened last December and appeared to be gaining in popularity. But earlier this month, a note appeared on the front door, saying it was “permanently closed” and informing employees (about 100 people worked there) that their checks would be mailed to them.
       The Pioneer's efforts to contact owners Rip and Janice Blackwood have been unsuccessful so far. A spokeswoman for El Paso County Health said health was not an issue; the restaurant had passed a recent inspection “with flying colors.”
       The Blackwoods had previously owned the Western Sizzlin' in that building for five years before deciding to develop a Mexican food concept.
       Ornamental touches in the restaurant had included a life-size Elvis, a ceiling of hubcaps, full-wall murals, cattle guards defining an outdoor-eating perimeter and a salsa bar built into the back of a 1956 Buick.
       OC'S Finest is a new, family-owned store carrying women's clothing, shoes and accessories in the West Wind shopping center at 4427 Centennial Blvd. The owners are Sergio Alvarado & Sandra Loarca. The business is open daily. The phone is 532-0375.
       Michael Wahl, owner of West One Family Dental, 1104 W. Colorado Ave., has signed up himself and his four children for the triathlon competition in the Rocky Mountain State Games in Colorado Springs Aug. 4-6.
       Joining their dad in the running/cycling/swimming event, under different age/gender categories, will be daughters DeeAnna, 8, and Danielle, 13; and sons Dustin, 11, and Devin, 16.
       Amateur athletes can register to compete in any of the 29 sports offered on the Rocky Mountain State Games menu at No events are scheduled on the Westside.

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