Commissioner helps spark ‘Grafitti Falls’ clean-up

       El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark says she had not heard about the Coronado High student who won a national award this spring for a video celebrating the tranquility of a place she knew only as “Grafitti Falls.”
       What Clark saw in a recent visit to the place - formally named Rainbow Falls, at Fountain Creek off Serpentine Drive in Manitou Springs - was a possible “drug hangout” with spray paint on the underside of a Highway 24 bridge above the falls and “all over the beautiful canyon rocks.”
       The Westside leader described some of the grafitti as violent, including a depiction of someone being shot in the head. She also questioned the safety of the site, which is not a designated park and has no maintained trail to the falls.
       At Clark's urging, along with Jan Doran of a countywide citizens outreach group, local government entities are taking steps to clean up the falls area. The effort will include grafitti removal by Workout Limited (a non-profit group using convicted youth offenders), help from a Manitou Springs volunteer group and an inspection of the bridge (built in 1932) by the Colorado Department of Transportation, according to minutes of the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) May board meeting.
       The PPACG board consists of area government representatives, including Clark for El Paso County.
       “It's not about taking away a person's place to reflect,” said Clark, when told about the student - Kylie Wyse, who won an Award of Excellence from the national PTA as part of its Reflections program to support student art. “But the place is setting a bad example for kids.”

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