Off-street postal parking in holding pattern

       Anyone holding their breath for off-street parking at the West End post office might as well exhale now.
       The amenity, which has been requested by local postal authorities, has been put on hold at the regional level, according to U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Ron Perry.
       The issue is money, not opposition. “With gas prices continuing to go up, everything is on a freeze,' Perry said in a recent interview. “It's put a heavy hit on a lot of things.”
       He left out some hope. “I won't say it won't happen, but right now we're scrutinizing every dime,” he said.
       The roughly 25-space lot at the West End station, 25th and Cucharras streets, is currently open to postal employees only. The off-street parking proposal came up after the the Postal Service built the Carrier Facility on Robinson Street in 2004, which relocated most of the employees who had used the lot.

Westside Pioneer/press release