Friday-Saturday night cops in Old Colo. City

       Police presence late Friday and Saturday nights has become an ongoing sight in Old Colorado City.
       The service, which has continued since December, is funded by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District.
       “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” said Judy Kasten, who chairs the district committee, adding that there have been “very few incidents.”
       In keeping with the “security” part of its name, the district had provided police coverage regularly from its formation until 2002. But funding issues had forced the expense to be eliminated until last June, when the Friday-Saturday service was implemented for the summer and again in December.
       Now the committee plan is to keep it going all year, Kasten said.
       The coverage consists of at least one cruiser and officer (either from the Colorado Springs Police Department or El Paso County Sheriff's Office) assigned specifically to Old Colorado City. The time frame is 10 to 2:30 a.m.
       “They'll be around when the bars are closing,” Kasten said. “It's just to keep peace in the neighborhood.”
       Formed in 1979, the district is funded by taxes from the roughly 100 properties in Old Colorado City. The committee consists of district property owners.

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