EDITORíS DESK: The Westside gets a moving story

       I don't know what it means in the big picture, but the saga of the house relocation from 21st Street and Colorado Avenue (see story on Page 1) has certainly been entertaining.
       If there ever was an "only on the Westside" sort of story, this would have to be it. After five years living in his historic home, Krag Beverly decided he liked it so well that he wanted to keep the experience going. If that meant spending $25,000 to move it to a quieter location when the foundation failed at 21st and Colorado, so be it.
       Now, can you picture somebody doing that with a house out on Powers Boulevard?
       It's a noble goal by our public officials, seeking coordinated efficiency as they implement various upgrades to the same general area of Holland Park (also see story on Page 1). The only concern in this quarter is that all it takes is one snag to throw put such well-conceived plans into cattywampus mode. And the more departments/projects that get involved (at last count three, plus Springs Utilities), the greater the odds of that fatal snag occurring. But we'll keep a good thought, even though city efforts with one of those projects - traffic calming in Westside neighborhoods over the past four years or so - has been a walking commercial for Murphy's Law.
       What else can we talk about as we of the Westside Pioneer prepare to shut down for two weeks? Only that we're really not going anywhere. We'll be around, trying to get to different events, looking for new things to write about, and hopefully, if there's a brain cell or two that needs realigning, that will happen too. See you June 26!

- K.J.