5 hydrants being added in Mesa Springs work

       A multi-week Colorado Springs Utilities project to improve fire protection is nearing an end in the Mesa Springs neighborhood.

Jackson Street undergoes recent shovel work as part of the project.
Westside Pioneer photo

       “We are installing 1,600 feet of 8-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and three fire hydrants on Monroe Street and 1,100 feet of 8-inch HDPE pipe and two fire hydrants on Jackson Street,” said CSU spokesperson Dave Grossman. “We hope to have the installation completed by June 12. At that point, City crews will take over to do restoration work. With the addition of these hydrants, in case of a fire, crews won't have as far to go to hook up their hoses.”
       The project has blocked off Jackson and Monroe between Chestnut Street and Cooper Avenue through much of the project.

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