Beidleman returns for Garden presentation

       Dr. Richard G. Beidleman, the naturalist for whom the Beidleman Center is named, will give a presentation at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center Friday, June 19, at 7 p.m.
       The subject will be the city park itself, and is titled “More Than Just A Garden.” The talk is free, but reservations are suggested at 219-0108.
       A resident of California for the last 20 years, Beidleman previously taught biology at Colorado College (where he is now a professor emeritus), and returns to Colorado every summer to teach field courses about Rocky Mountain plants and birds.
       “He continues his research in botany and in the travels and works of pioneer American naturalists of the 1800s,” said Melissa Walker, an area naturalist who has worked with him. “In 2006, Dr. Beidleman's book, 'California's Frontier Naturalists,' was published by the University of California Press. Also within the last few years, he co-authored the book, 'Plants of Rocky Mountain National Park,' with his wife Linda Beidleman and Beatrice Willard.”
       According to a Visitor Center press release, “Beidleman will tell “the best stories about Garden of the Gods Park, [including] How did the Park become a National Natural Landmark? What did Charles Lindbergh ever have to do with our city's most famous park?”
       The Beidleman Center, originally a city nature center and now the headquarters of the Catamount Institute, is in Sondermann Park in the Mesa Springs area.

Westside Pioneer/press release