Park Board mulls Red Rock plan
Approval June 17 would be major step toward property opening

       The Colorado Springs Parks Advisory Board will meet June 17 at 7:30 a.m. to discuss the proposed master plan for Red Rock Canyon Open Space
       The meeting will be at the Parks headquarters building, 1401 Recreation Way..
        Terry Putman, manager of design and development for Colorado Springs Parks, said he does not expect too much controversy at the meeting, after seeing most of the issues aired out during five privately facilitated public meetings between February and May.
       The biggest point of contention - although not extremely heated - has been the amount of hiker-only trails. Hikers have complained there aren't enough of them (1.26 miles) in the master plan, and bicycle users have expressed a wish to have all 17 miles of planned trails multi-use. However, Putman said he thinks the plan strikes a balance between the two interests, based on an oft-heard hiker concern about being scared by hard-riding mountain bikes.
        Putman added that the expectation is that should the Parks Board approve the master plan, that will be the final action on the matter, and City Council will only be presented the plan as an information item.
        One advantage in that scenario, in addition to letting City Parks move faster on preparing the property for public use, is leaving flexibility for parks officials. “We will build it, and if it doesn't work out, then we will change it,” he said.
        According to Putman, the only change from the master plan presented at the last public meeting May 5 is the addition of the Bott Trail. This is a one-time wagon road to the quarries that follows a relatively gentle grade up the face of the property's easternmost hogback. The roughly half-mile trail has continued to be used over the years by people in the Midland neighborhood.

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