Statewide trail-building group sets Red Rock workdays

       The Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has agreed to lead a trail-building project in Red Rock Canyon Open Space Aug. 28-29.
       Chris Lieber, trails coordinator for Colo-rado Springs Parks, told the Westside Pioneer he was “delighted” at the short-notice decision by the private, non-profit entity considered to be one of the state's premier trail-building organizations.
        “We've had the VOC down here before,” he said, mentioning successful past projects with the city at the Garden of the Gods and Palmer Park.
       A VOC project at the new Cheyenne Mountain State Park attracted about 300 local and statewide volunteers the weekend of June 4-5 and built an estimated 1 ˝ miles of trail.
       Lieber said he hopes that the same distance or more can be built over the Aug. 28-29 weekend. The only limits will be volunteers and experienced trail crew leaders, Lieber said.
       Anyone who wants to volunteer will be welcome, with tools provided by VOC. People can receive VOC crew leader training; information is available at the group's website:
       Project details will be hammered out in the weeks ahead between the city and VOC, Lieber said. The property's tentative master plan calls for about 17 miles of trail, but some of this network already exists as roads. The basic idea with VOC is to create key “hand-built” trail connections, Lieber said.
       Because of statewide requests for VOC services, the group's normal lead time on projects is 1 to 1˝ years. However, this year the group decided to leave a date open for an “on demand” project, and Red Rock is it, Lieber said.
        “They came down last week and did a site tour,” he said. “Like a lot of people when they first set foot in Red Rock Canyon, they were (impressed). It has a way of selling itself to outdoor enthusiasts.”

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