Westside mail carriers move into new facility
Parking spaces to be freed up at post office

       Off-street parking for customers at the 25th and Cucharras Street post office will result from the opening this week of the new U.S. Postal Service Carrier Annex, according to West End Station Manager Sue Luck.
        The annex, located on a three-acre property in the Midland area at 25th and Robinson streets, will have no public services.
       However, about 20 off-street parking spaces will be freed up at the 25th-Cucharras station because only five employees will still be working there. The 21 mail carriers will now be working out of the annex instead.
        Also helping clear space will be the removal of a trailer, connected to the back of the station, that had been used for mail-sorting and other carrier work.
       Luck did not have an exact date when the removal would occur, but expressed confidence the parking lot would be open to the public sometime this summer. A big reason it can't happen immediately is that the wall where the trailer connects will have to be filled back in.
       Currently, there is no off-street public parking at the West End Station.
       The annex move kept a crew of about 10 West End postal workers busy for long hours over the weekend of June 5-6. Contacted beforehand, Luck said the time would be spent moving and setting up the carriers' equipment and sorting cases so that “when they come in Monday (June 7), it will be ready for them.”
       Asked what the hardest part of the move has been, she replied, “Coordinating it all.”
        The 10,000-square-foot annex provides roughly double the interior space the carriers had at the station.
        The same public services as before will continue to be offered at the 25th-Cucharras station - except that undeliverable packages can no longer be picked up at the station later the same day, but will have to be picked up the next day, Luck said.
       The only other public impact might be a change in schedule on some of the routes.
        A letter carrier, asked during her route last week how she liked the new annex, replied with one word: “Sweet!”

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