Longer K classes (though not full-day) at Howbert

       A drive for all-day kindergarten has fallen short at Howbert Elementary, but Principal Rick Gallegos said he has found a way to at least add 75 more minutes to each week of the half-day sessions starting this fall.
        “Even though we didn't get full-day kindergarten, I think parents will find this works to their advantage and is more efficient,” he said.
       The added time results from a reworking of the days the half-day kindergarten is offered. Previously, the class has been available for half a day five days a week, either morning or afternoon. Now the class will be offered in a slightly longer time slot Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning or Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.
        The plan may require some schedule shuffling by families accustomed to the old set-up, but most parents have indicated support for the plan so far, Gallegos said.
       There is no charge for half-day kindergarten because it is funded by School District 11.
        The school's PTA had hoped to sign up enough people willing to pay the $265 a month per-child teaching cost to increase the kindergarten class length from half- to full-day, but was unable to obtain the necessary 18 enrollments by the mid-May deadine.

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