EDITORíS DESK: Civil servants... score!

       The tendency is to take public employees for granted. We pay our dingy-dangy taxes/ fees, after all, so they should provide our services, right?
       Well, sure. But now and then it doesn't hurt to note when our civil servants seem to be on top of things. A couple of clear examples are Colorado Springs Parks, for smoothly handling the Red Rock Canyon Open Space issues (including mollifying dueling trail interests, relocating dozens of former tenants and most recently lining up the Volunteers of Outdoor Colorado on short notice to build some of the needed trails); and the workers at the West End Station (Old Colorado City post office) for seamlessly transferring carrier operations to the new Annex building. Are you sitting down? Some postal workers even volunteered over the weekend to ensure the move would not detract from service.
        Consider this: In terms of results, isn't paying for government like buying tickets to (let's say) a football game? Except that we jump and shout when Jake Plummer throws a touchdown pass. OK, it's not quite the same when Terry Putman of Parks or Sue Luck of West End signs (let's say) a document. But when's the last time Jake the Snake provided us with spectacular open space or off-street parking?

- K.J.