COBWEB CORNERS: The old-days post office

By Mel McFarland

       The Colorado City post office is a great place. Some days it is absolutely swamped with customers, and the staff does a grand job taking care of the problems. There is a sort of little-town feel in the place.
       The old post office was such a place too. In the past it was on Colorado Avenue in a couple of spots. I remember the early 1950's spot, just down from Roger's Bar. It was, as I remember it, a tiny place - long and skinny with maybe two windows. The boxes were along one side, in a bit of a hall. In the back one could hear voices of people doing sorting. Back then it was common for Westsiders to put the name and address and just “city,” or sometimes just the name and “city.” It would get there! Not only that, just as fast as if you put the whole address.
       I have no idea how many postmen covered the routes, but I can remember seeing them heading down the alley from behind the post office with a huge bag, ready for the day. Some people had the same mailman their whole lives, it seemed. Even in the winter, the footsteps on the porch meant the mail was in. Occasionally there was a knock for a package or postage due. As a kid, there was always excitement after having sent in box tops and a quarter or two for some special treat. “Was there any mail for me?” might be the first question upon getting home.
       There might even be more than one delivery in a day. Christmas always saw added loads for the mail. When the railroads served Colorado City, there might even be a railroad car or two at Christmas near the present post office, on the D&RG or down in the Midland yards, with packages to be delivered.
       I know there are good post offices all over the country, but to me the West End Station is special. Just as Whittier, Midland, and Buena Vista schools are. Not to say Howbert is not - a friend of mine was principal there for a long time - but there is something special in the old schools' hallways! It is too bad the old Washington is gone. Then as a teacher, I'm sure they like the more modern buildings. In the same way, I'm sure the new Carrier Annex is much better than the old “back dock” the post office once had in the alley off Colorado.