Bock house ‘wouldn’t have won any awards,’ says Frank Lloyd Wright’s granddaughter

       The house the Bocks built in Red Rock Canyon has been described as “Frank Lloyd Wright inspired,” but a local architect - who ought to know - begs to differ.
       She is Elizabeth Wright Ingraham, the granddaughter of the world-famous 20th century architect.
        “The building has no architectural value,” she told the Westside Pioneer. “It wouldn't have won any awards.”
        Ingraham, who has operated her own downtown architectural business since moving here from Chicago in 1949, has more than personal experience to support her position. She knew the Bocks in her younger years. “We go way back on that,” she said. “I used to hike in it (Red Rock Canyon). We had treasure hunts there before the lake and the house were there.”
        Later, she had opportunities to visit the 1,556-square-foot house, which she described as “quasi modern… It has lots of nice glass and preserves the views from the house, but the detailing is nothing special, and it has no materials that seem exceptional.”
       The reference to Frank Lloyd Wright appears in Stephen Snyder's 13-page, illustrated document titled the “Bock Residential Complex,” reflecting his research for Colorado Springs Parks.
       “The Bock residence appears to be a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Prairie Style ranch design with low and lean, simple and clean lines,” Snyder wrote. “Extensive glazing, use of local red rock materials, and 3-foot roof overhang gives one the feeling that the resident is one with the canyon.”
       Greg Jensen, a City Parks employee who has lived in the house as caretaker for several months now, has not been overwhelmed by the place. Although enjoying the proximity to nature and beautiful rock formations, he said the building seems to have been constructed with “high quality materials,” but not necessarily with good craftsmanship.
        The house features a “massive moss rock fireplace with multiple shelves, another Frank Lloyd Wright feature,” according to Snyder.
       When the Zydeco group had an option on the property, it was considering using the Bock house for a golf clubhouse. At the public meetings on the property, some suggested using it for a visitors center.
        For now, the house, along with a detached garage/bomb shelter and pole barn, is being studied by the city to determine if it should be permanently retained as part of the Red Rock Canyon Open Space amenities.

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