Pioneer to raise cost of subscriptions
By Kenyon Jordan, Editor/Publisher

       The U.S. Postal Service's recent across-the-board mailing-cost increases have forced the Pioneer's first subscription-rate hike in our three and a half years,.
       The new rates will take effect with our July 5 issue.
       The former subscription cost was $20 a year for 50 issues. This was based on our fees for bulk mailing by the post office.
       We will now be offering our readers two subscription types - in-town and out-of-town. The in-town rate will be $22. The out-of-town rate will be $27.
       Following are the percentages showing how much more the post office is now charging us for bulk mailing:
       In-town zip codes starting with 809: 15.9 percent.
       In-town zip codes starting with 808: 24.7 percent.
       Outside Colorado Springs area: 41.9 percent.
       We apologize for having to raise our rates. The good news is that you still have time to take out a subscription at the $20 rate between now and July 1!
       (And, of course, the paper can be picked up free at any of our 80-some outlets on the Westside.)
       In other news about ourselves, please note that the Pioneer staff will not publish a paper Thursday, June 21. This is part of a schedule we've implemented this year in which we are taking a week off in mid-June, in addition to the first Thursday in January (as we've done every year). We will publish a “two-week” issue June 14, with expanded calendar information, and return to our regular weekly schedule June 28.
       Thank you for your continued readership.