Dee’s RVs owner buys property near Red Rock

       Dee Corwin, the owner of Dee's RVs, 2330 Naegele Rd., recently closed on the 3-acre property southwest of Highway 24 and Ridge Road, across High Street from Red Rock Canyon Open Space.
       He paid $762,000 for the property in a sealed-bid auction April 18.
       Depending on what happens with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) plans to expand the highway, the site could become the next home of his RV business, Corwin said in an interview last week.
       “If it comes about, I'll have some place to go,” he said, pointing out that “every plan they [CDOT officials] show takes out Naegele.”
       He wants to stay on the Westside. “The Westside is where I've worked all my life,” he said.
       The site would work for his RV business, which is on about three acres now, he explained.
       Another possibility is developing the location for a hotel and convenience store. Zoning to allow that use was obtained by a previous owner.
       In the meantime, however, he plans to leave the property's commercial activity mostly as it is. Listed as 3604 High St., the address also takes in several businesses in the 3600 block, including storage units and an auto-body repair shop.
       The only current change he anticipates is to expand the number of storage units from the present 40 to about 100. “There's a lot of wasted space,” he said.
       Dee's RVs has been on the Westside since 1987 and on Naegele Road since 1991. Corwin estimated that his business grosses $12 million a year and pays $250,000 in sales taxes to the government.

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