City goes too far on medians, permits
       It is difficult to comprehend how the city could approve the plans for Advance Auto Parts to build on 21st Street, and within weeks of completing construction put up those median barriers so that we have to drive through the 7-Eleven parking lot to get to Advance Auto Parts. What were they thinking? There must be some gung-ho group of traffic engineers who have really gotten carried away, in my opinion. They keep a very low profile, but the results of their decisions are costing the taxpayers a lot of bucks, as is apparent all over town with these curb and median changes. Yet, even with all those motion sensors and cameras, they still can't get the lights to change in response to the actual flow of traffic.
       Actually, I think the city is getting carried away in a number of different areas. As an example, I really don't personally object to people wanting to put out sandwich board advertisements on the sidewalks on Colorado Avenue or hanging flags off the side of buildings. I actually felt this made the Westside look like a much more interesting and alive place to visit, like a Parisian suburb or Greenwich Village or at least a cohesive community with an identity and fraternal neighbors. And, I really don't see how these things present a problem for the Fire Department, police, EMTs, or a safety hazard for pedestrians or motorists. Maybe the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) and the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) merchants group should form a committee to approach the City Council with a proposal to change the city ordinances in that regard.
       I think it is time the police and city administration realize they are working to fulfill the desires of the citizenry, and it is time the citizenry take more responsibility in telling the city what we do and do not want.

Peter Dunn