EDITOR'S DESK: Busy little Bancroft (& other stories)

       If you're not already in a musical mood after reading this issue's "What do you do?" column, you might try turning to page 13 and browsing through the upcoming concerts scheduled at Bancroft Park through August. We have a plethora - one might even say a cornucopia - of offerings. Blues. Jazz. Traditional. Even square dancing. I hope to catch a lot of it. Maybe I'll see you there.
       And while we're on the subject of Bancroft Park, it will be interesting to see how things go when the Starlight Spectacular uses it for a rest stop during its annual wee- hour bicycle cruise through Colorado Springs and the Westside. Recall that this is a park that Parks Director Paul Butcher suggested last year was too fragile to support more than 100 people at a time. Perhaps the thinking on this is that it's OK because all 1,500 riders won't be stopping at the park simultaneously? We're also hopeful that these cycling enthusiasts (they'd have to be enthusiastic, riding around between 12 and 3 in the morning!) will be respectful of the proximity of a sleeping neighborhood within easy earshot on Pikes Peak Avenue and 24th Street.
       In other news, "hope" is also an operative word - as in, we hope very much that law enforcement officials are keeping an eagle eye on the situation - regarding the Colorado Department of Corrections' decision to put two men classified as sexually violent predators in the same apartment in the 3300 block of West Colorado Avenue. We're told it's hard to find housing for such people, which is understandable, but that kind of arrangement seems like an invitation to criminal Armaggedon.
       Finally, it's nice to see our public servants moving forward, as urged in last week's column, on the early opening of I-25's southbound Bijou Street off-ramp. Too often engineers get so involved with drawing up pretty plans, they forget it's businesses that keep the economy going. But they're getting it right this time.

- K.J.