Hennings, Slinkard approved by Planning Com

       A prominent Westside garage/storage unit can stay as built, while an Old Colorado City building expansion is approved to start but the owner isn't ready to build.
       Both Steve Hennings and Daryl Slinkard got approvals for applications at the Colorado Springs Planning Commission meeting in May.
       Hennings' unit at 1605 S. 26th St. (across the street from the future Red Rock Canyon Open Space trailhead) had needed commission approval because he had built the brick-faced structure larger than code normally allowed. (Under law, people are supposed to apply before building, but Hennings, who's also erected a brick house for his wife and himself at the prominent hillside location, has said he didn't realize a separate permit was needed or that size limitations applied to the garage.)
       With the approval, Hennings is now able to proceed with site landscaping work that has been on hold for the past two years while the garage issue worked its way through the city administrative process.
       Planning Commission gave Slinkard a conditional use permit that will allow the “Mountain Moppets” building at the northeast corner of 26th Street and Colorado Avenue to be roughly doubled in size. However, he said, when contacted this week, that he has no plans to start right away on the project, which he pledges would be compatible with the historic building's exterior facade. “The way the economy is, I may not do anything this year,” he said.
       The project would expand the building from its north wall to allow additional commercial storage space, plus a residential loft and carport. The Florida resident said he hopes to close on the building this month and eventually to live in the new space at least part of the year.

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