No lake, but auto dealership shapes land for new site near Motor City, Gold Hill PD

       Lakeside Auto Brokers sits on a hill off Moreno Avenue, overlooking South Eighth Street. It's nowhere near a lake, but it's close to Motor City, and that's the important thing for owner Corey Keysar.
       He can have the proximity to Colorado Springs' top car-selling area, without the higher costs of actually being there, he explained in a recent interview - a savings he hopes to pass along to customers.
       The recently completed business site also has a nice view, is close to I-25 and has the benefit of being on the Westside, where “every piece of land is unique,” said Keysar, a nearly life-long Colorado Springs resident who graduated from Doherty High School and UCCS.
       Not that it was easy to relocate Lakeside Auto, which he had started in the central part of Colorado Springs in 2001. He bought the roughly 6-acre property at 810 Brianna Point, downhill from the Police Department's recently built Gold Hill Division substation, in 2005. But after that came the need for four approvals from the City Planning Commission and “a ton of dirt moving,” he said, before construction could begin on a showroom/offi-ces/shops building and parking lot. After operating from an on-site trailer through much of the winter, Keysar and his staff were finally able to move into the new facilities May 1.
       The business uses only three of the acres. Another half-acre is being saved for future expansion, while the remainder consists of two lots that will be sold. Proud of his building's exterior appearance (called “split-face block” and similar to the substation design), Keysar said that a legal stipulation will be added in selling those lots to ensure the new owners erect buildings in a compatible style.
       Car-shoppers coming to Lakeside won't find a “big, jumping, carnival atmosphere” with aggressive salespeople, Keysar commented, elaborating that Lakeside has a lower-key format, based on the understanding that “most people don't drive around aimlessly to find a car anymore. They find something they like on the Internet, so when they come in, they've seen the pictures and they know the price.”
       Also, the dealership does not rely solely on individual sales. “We travel all over the country to buy inventory,” Keysar noted. And, “we do a huge amount of wholesaling - 65 percent of our sales are to other dealers.”
       A major focus is on selection. The lot usually has between 100 and 120 cars, in a variety of makes and models, mostly newer than the year 2000, he said.
       As for the business name, Keysar chuckled that even his original location wasn't beside a lake. The name came from an in-house joke regarding the fact that he and his colleagues are boating enthusiasts who, when they're on the road during car-buying trips, can often be found near lakes. And, though it still made no geographic sense when he moved to the hill on the Westside, he decided to keep the Lakeside name because it has become known in the community.

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