EDITORíS DESK: Looking forward to the Showcase

       It's a fun future that offers up the Simpich Showcase.
       After all the pleasure that Bob and Jan Simpich brought to Old Colorado City during their years making and selling their uniquely crafted dolls, it was disappointing - though inevitable and well-deserved - to see them finally retire a year and a half ago, leaving a creative (not to mention financial) hole in the historic shopping district.
       And imagine, if many of us felt that sense of loss, how frustrating it must have been for their son David. As he discusses in the article starting on Page 1 this issue, he wanted to carry on his parents' tradition - and people were asking him to keep the Character Dolls business going - but he and his wife Debby knew it was not a financially sensible course.
       So it must have been a fine epiphany last September when the three-pronged Showcase vision began taking shape in his mind. It's one of those jewel-like ideas that looks good no matter what angle you view it from. In retirement, his parents have gone back to their original love of painting. The gallery will give them a place to show their work (along with that of other artists), while enhancing Old Colorado City's growing creative reputation. Then there's the museum. It sounds like a great opportunity for the lovers of Simpich dolls to see them again - nicely presented, up close and personal, instead of just in old pictures or on some computer screen. And the marionette theater gives David a local venue for his talents, a chance to come home after 15 years of touring the country with his family.
       Finally, let's not forget the planned loft development on the second floor, the final piece of the puzzle for all that interior space.
       All in all, a nice future. Bring on the Showcase!

- K.J.