EDITORíS DESK: Noteworthy people and things

       As summer looms before us (rain or no rain), that special light of June is already shining on a variety of subjects...
       Paint the Town Blue: It's always great to see individuals (in this case, acting through the Pikes Peak Blues Community) bring quality events forward; also great when citizens step up to support such events when funding goes south, as it did this year.
       Red Rock Canyon pavilion: Individual effort again. True, the majority of the $359,000 cost was paid with the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) tax, but City Parks made it clear the work could not occur without help from Red Rock supporters. And sure enough, that help came - a $50,000 challenge grant, met through indefatigable fundraising by the Friends of Red Rock Canyon.
       Gene Smith: Yes, it was his job, but there's little doubt it was on his 32-year "watch" that Rock Ledge Ranch became a successful living history site. The interview this issue with the now-retired City Parks administrator also reveals the kind of creativity and flexibility - for instance, keeping the ranch unfenced, in defiance of national models for such sites - that we would like to see (but often don't) in government bureaucrats.
       Steve Ferguson: Here's another just-retired "bureaucrat," though if anyone saw this 12-year principal at Bristol Elementary cutting up with students on the weekly, kid- filmed Bristol Bears Network (BBN) TV show, they might never have guessed his actual employment. In any case, I will miss his friendly handshake and intellectual curiosity in the coming school year.
       The transient campers: What? you might say. Let's put it this way - my hope is that someday these paragons of sloth and selfishness will one day take for an example any of the people I've mentioned above and turn their lives around as a result. And for those of you insist on defending their actions, let me ask you this: When's the last time you left a dumpster's worth of garbage lying around your home, then stood idly by while your neighbors picked it up for you?
       Here's to sunshine!

- K.J.