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Letter: 'Will-o'-the-wisp' global warming theories behind Drake shutdown chorus

       It is sad that the growing chorus of those who want the Drake plant totally shut down - added to the Obama administration's effort to kill coal off entirely by presidential fiat, regardless of costs - are going to doom the 100-year excellent civic record of low-cost Colorado Springs-owned Utilities. Even though this city was founded in 1871 on conservative, Republican, private-enterprise principles, civic-minded locals approved and built one of the most successful and lowest-cost, city-owned, water and electricity public utilities operations in the nation.
       While, at 86, I will not live long enough to suffer the spiraling - and for some local Westside elderly, totally unaffordable - utilities, my three adult children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren who chose the Westside for their homes, will soon be gouged economically. And, in most cases, only for will-of-the-wisp theories of what to do about global warming.
       I reminded myself of the civic history of Colorado and Manitou Springs and the original Colorado City, by rereading my personally signed copy of the 1933 "Book of Colorado Springs," by Manley and Eleanor Ormes. I was foresighted enough back in 1976, when I volunteered to head the Colorado Springs and El Paso County Centennial/Bicentennial celebration, to arrange for the reprinting of that long-out-of-print classic. It tells the story of how locals dealt with public services at the lowest cost, with admirable foresight - civic qualities I see in very short supply today. Read that book in local libraries, which tells you of local Paradise Lost.

       Dave Hughes

(Posted 6/2/14; Opinion: Letters)

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