District 11 cuts $305,000 in ‘redundant’ jobs at West building

       After considering various cuts in a tough budget year, the District 11 Board of Education made final decisions last month on just one that directly affected any Westside schools.
       That was to eliminate five positions (saving $305,000) that district staff described as “duplicate” in the building that houses both West Elementary and West Middle School. Because the elementary was a new school in 2009-10, the overlapping building positions were allowed to continue for its first two years to give it a chance to get established, but with millions in cuts needed for the district's 2011-12 school year, the “extra” positions could no longer be retained, district staffers have explained.
       The eliminated positions were a library technician, a library assistant, a community liaison, a office assistant and a security officer.
       “Both schools will have to adjust,” said West Elementary Principal Terry Martinez. “We've already made plans for shifting responsibilities in the coming year.”
       The elementary already knew that in 2011-12 it would lose another “extra”: a one-time federal stimulus allocation that had allowed the school this year to offer classes for an hour longer each day, matching the schedule of the middle school.

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