Support for bike giveaway program
       Great story on the Kids on Bikes program! [“Bristol Elementary puts happy spin on school year's end,” in May 26 Westside Pioneer.] I grew up quite poor and always relished getting a good USED bike at Christmas from my dad's fire station. They repaired bikes for Toys for Tots and gave them away.
       I can feel for these kids getting BRAND NEW BIKES! The picture on the front page caught that kid's uncontrollable joy!
       My question is, can you publish a little blurb on how we can all give to this wonderful, charitable cause?

Carla DeKalb

Editor’s note: according to Lyndsey Arkfeld, the program’s executive director, donations can be made by sending a check to Kids on Bikes, 600 S. 21st St., Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80904; by phoning the nonprofit agency’s office at 355-3573 and providing a credit card number; or by going to the website at kidsonbikes.net and following the donation instructions.