Better names for ‘No Man’s Land’
       First let me thank you for the paper. When I can get a copy, I read it cover to cover, even the ads.
       Even though I live on the southwest part of town now, I still consider myself a “Westsider.” I spent a good portion of my childhood on North 33rd Street and attended Whittier School through third grade.
       The Westside is still my emotional and spiritual home, and I've watched with great happiness as it has pulled itself up through the years. And no small thanks go to Dave Hughes for spearheading the original part of that rejuvenation.
       Now to the “names” debate [for what's now called No Man's Land]:
       As for “West End,” no, it never was a west end, always the “Westside,” so that is #1 for me. #2: I'd agree with “Red Rocks” because that's what we have in that stretch. #3: I also like “Adams Crossing” very much.
       I'm sure you already knew there were two city buses that went up and down the avenue. One was the Manitou Springs bus and the other was the Colorado Avenue bus, which turned around at Adams Crossing to make the return trip to Colorado Springs' downtown.
       When we needed to go to Colorado City or downtown Colorado Springs, we never looked at the clock because we knew we could walk down to the avenue and a bus would come by within 10 minutes or so. Great.
       I also miss the huge old cottonwood trees that lined that stretch of the avenue. I am a fourth-generation Westsider and proud to say it.

Carla J. Hale