EDITORíS DESK: COSMIX contractor ramps up

       It's one of these easily overlooked stories. So easy to overlook, in fact, that nobody has been reporting on it but little old us. But the fact is that Rockrimmon Constructors (the COSMIX contracting amalgam of CH2M HILL and Sema Construction) really didn't have to focus so intently on completing the Bijou Street southbound off-ramp. The original plans called for it to be open in October, along with the Bijou bridge and its other ramps.
       But as events unfolded after the bridge demo in January, it became clear that the businesses around Spruce and Bijou streets were hurting with the bridge out. So from that standpoint, opening the off-ramp early will become almost a humanitarian gesture.
       Of course, it can't be denied that Rockrimmon Constructors will benefit as well. An early opening will give the contractor a free hand to develop the new southbound on-ramp (which can't be completed as long as the temporary southbound off-ramp cuts across that terrain on its way to Pikes Peak Avenue). Also, it's true that the block of Bijou Street west of the interstate urgently needs to be regraded and paved anyway, to restore normal business access (you mean you don't mind driving down an alley to eat at Denny's?) and to smooth out the new rise between Spruce and the 8-feet-higher-than-before Bijou bridge.
       Maybe what we can do is split the difference and call Rockrimmon's efforts a form of enlightened self-interest - good for the project, good for local business. There's no denying it's the contractor's idea. What we're still waiting for is the city and state to get excited too, so they can verify the safety of the traffic flow plan (as is required) not a second later than the ramp's completion.

- K.J.